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CMTO’s COVID-19 Pandemic – Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists has been prepared based on Ministry of Health and Public Health Ontario information and resources, in collaboration with other healthcare regulators.

Hand hygiene:

  • RMT"s must wash their hands with soap and water between clients
  • There will be a hand washing station with a sign on how to properly wash your hands
  • everyone will be required to wash their hands upon arrival

Cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Only products approved by health Canada can be used
  • high touch surfaces will be disinfected regularly
  • treatment room and its equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each use and between each client
  • more time will be needed between clients for additional cleaning and disinfecting protocol
  • RMT's must maintain records of general infection and prevention control

Preparing the practice:

  • signs will be posted at the entrance and within practice environment that outline signs and symptoms of COVID-19
  • signs will be posted at tne entrance and reception requiring all clients and visitors to wear a mask, perform hand hygiene and then report to reception

Booking appointments:

  • before accepting the appointment the client must be screened virtually for risk of COVID-19
  • inform clients of any public health measures in advance of the appointment
  • RMT must instruct the client to come to the appointment wearing a clean disposable or reusable mask that will be worn throughout the treatment
  • The client will be asked to arrive alone and as close to their appointment as possible. If the client has to be accompanied, the visitor will also have to be screened and wear a mask